Rotel rdg-1520 what hifi

Digital Edition.

Rotel RDG-1520 review

That's a function of the high levels of integration, with FM and DAB reception being handled by a single small circuit board, for instance. Please provide us with your email address to get the latest news in sound technology and products.

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rotel rdg-1520 what hifi

It also has some quite decent quality, thanks to high-data rates and better codecs than are used on DAB. The all-time greats Read about the artists who changed the world of classical music.

Rotel Ra-1520 Martin Logan Motion 40 DAC Cambridge DacMagic100

It's not the very last word in fluency or delicacy, but it more than makes up for that with sheer brio. Rapidly approaching the 20,000-station mark, this is perhaps the biggest free music source yet. What Hi-Fi? However, as these both connect to a single circuit internally, it is possible to set the tuner to use one or the other of these sockets for both DAB and FM.

rotel rdg-1520 what hifi

Playing files stored at a decent bitrate from my iPhone showed the benefits of the high-quality digital input, with plenty of power, detail and ambience apparent even with 256kbps files, and things even better at 320kbps.

This unit has a simple text display and no video output.

rotel rdg-1520 what hifi

It's clever and effective, and we like it. If five line-level inputs, a moving-magnet phono stage, 3.

Rotel RDG-1520 Digital Internet Tuner

For Extremely versatile and easy to use Sound has plenty of life and detail. In terms of detail it's just a little behind the best, lacking a little precision and giving stereo images which are slightly compressed in both lateral and depth dimensions.

It connects to your home network either wirelessly or via an Ethernet cable, accessing the internet through your router and it's a complete breeze to set up — all you need to know is which router is yours unless your house is remote, a few neighbours' routers are likely to show up on the set up list too and what its access key is.

rotel rdg-1520 what hifi

This works well enough if you have very good signal strength on at least one of the systems. What Hi-Fi? In principle, this should mean bit-perfect transmission, but we were unable to achieve that; most computers will resample by default and although the quality loss isn't huge certainly nothing like lossy compression , it does typically introduce some artefacts and also limits effective sampling rate to 48kHz.

rotel rdg-1520 what hifi

Incidentally, we're sure that on a couple of occasions we heard momentary dropouts from both wireless and wired iPod sources, which seems odd and we hope is not typical!