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Dialoguing the Web: The Dorset with sixty men arduously searched for twenty days without getting any significant result. The rebels decided to collect arms from different police stations and band of 250 persons were selected for the purpose.

The rebel centres at Amminikkad, Mannarmala, Valambur, Vengur, Thazhekode, and Ponniakurussi were destroyed and the rebels killed. Explore Plus. Eaton fought alone with the rebels, but fell down and the people attacked him from all sides. Post your question. However, they burnt the Musnif Court at Angadippuram. The Khilafat army from Melattur and Karuvarakkundu also moved to Mannarkkad in order to strengthen the rebellion.

The Khilafat army again concentrated at Agadippuram adding many new groups from Pathakkara, Amminikkad, Kakkuth and surrounding places. Thangal and Haji selected Pandikkad as the centre of rebellion. Later he was forced to leave Valluvangad, his hometown and live in Nediyiruppu where he took his residence for few years. Digital Technologies and Pedagogy. The mob then proceeded to Valluvangad and broke the bridge to prevent the British army entering Pandikkad.

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In the meeting held at a mosque, Chembrassery Thangal was appointed as the Amir of Chemmbrassery, Karuvarakkundu, Melattur, and Kalikavu. Haji belonged to the famous Paravetti family of Tuwwur, near Pandikkad. Enter pincode. They were later shot at Malappuram on 9 January 1922. The bodies were cremated fearing that the grave may become further inspiration for the rebels.

The three men took hide behind the trees and Ayyar alone went to meet him. He slapped with his sword on the face of Madari Mukri for his wrong actions and for not handing over the guns to the Mappila fighters. On the way a group of fighters under Kunhahammad Haji, his brother Moideen Haji and Payyanadan Moin and fifty others looted the arms by killing the Head Constable and beating others.