What bands sang mississippi queen

The Mississippi Queen

The song was the lead track from their first album, 'Climbing,' and the single reached No. Fresh from a legendary appearance at Woodstock the year before, Mountain were on the rise in 1970 and the very catchy, yet very heavy, 'Mississippi Queen' pushed the band up the ranks of rock royalty. Here's one that'll get you up from your seat and onto the dance floor from Mountain's second album 'Nantucket Sleighride'.

what bands sang mississippi queen

The first song on this list is a beautiful instrumental by Leslie West from Mountain's official debut studio album released on this month in 1970 - 'Climbing!

Home News. West's savage guitar, along with the rhythm section of Corky Laing on drums and bassist Felix Pappalardi added up to one mighty fine power trio.

A friend of mine was with a drop-dead gorgeous chick. It was an injury worth suffering.

what bands sang mississippi queen

We toured our asses off to get behind that song. See more Classic Rock features. We lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

what bands sang mississippi queen

Every kid who picks up an electric guitar should make this an essential riff to learn. Ladies and gentleman behold The Animal Trainer and the Toad and, yes, they know how to rock!

No. 77: Mountain, ‘Mississippi Queen’ – Top 100 Classic Rock Songs

In the aftermath of the wreck, Coffin was shot and eaten by his shipmates. Filed Under: Watch Mountain Perform 'Mississippi Queen'. Now You're Messing with the Top 100. So many legendary rock guitarists to come out of the 70s and 80s cite Leslie as a huge influence and this is one of the biggest examples why.

The Story Behind The Song: Mississippi Queen by Mountain

Like the rest of Climbing! The song would become an iconic slice of hard rock and influence many an aspiring guitar hero along the way.

what bands sang mississippi queen

This is hard rock at its finest! Special Features.

The Ten Greatest Mountain Songs

Seize The Deal - Danbury i95 on Alexa! Leslie West makes this song sizzle with his guitar work on this timeless track.

what bands sang mississippi queen

Leslie is mostly known for cranking out some heavy hitting guitar riffs but on "To My Friend" he shows just how versatile and gifted he is on the strings. After joining Mountain, Laing told West about his promising chorus-cowbell combo.