What does exaggerated reflexes mean

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The reflex is probably designed to help a baby suck. A physician taps lightly on your upper lip with your lips held together and watches for a response. If you think you have brisk reflexes prior to a scheduled appointment, you can ask your doctor for a reflex test.

Whether it's vapor rub for colds or grilled onions for headaches…. In an adult, this response often indicates a frontal lobe problem such as frontal lobe head trauma or a frontal lobe stroke.


After determining the cause of your spasticity, the doctor may refer you to a physical therapist. Contact your health care provider if: McGraw-Hill, 2014. What makes it better?

what does exaggerated reflexes mean

Pathological Abnormal Reflexes. Article Your Introduction to Bell's Palsy.

what does exaggerated reflexes mean

Take a closer look at some of the lesser known, weirder, but totally normal, reflexes of the body, below. The glabellar reflex Myerson's sign: Its good though when I need to 'spring into action', like I saved a dog once from running into a busy street while everyone else around me stared slack-jawed. If your doctor suspects a neurological disorder, they will order further testing. Approach to the patient with neurologic disease. From the spinal cord, a response is immediately sent back via a motor nerve, which results in the kick.

Clonus is a hyperactive reflex. What makes it worse?

what does exaggerated reflexes mean

An above-average reaction to a reflex test could possibly indicate an underlying neurological condition.

Physical therapy is also helpful. When she checked me the next time no coffee , there was much less kicking and jerking.

what does exaggerated reflexes mean

Article Sources Ropper. It's quite variable from person to person and from situation to situation, for example a normally reflexive person can be made hyporeflexive if they are mentally focusing on their patellar reflex - the way around this is to distract them by having them do something else with their hands while you're doing the reflex testing.

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what does exaggerated reflexes mean