What happens if my child eats feces

Wipe their teeth with a washcloth or soft toothbrush.

What to do if your child eats dog poop

A good rule would be to stick with sugar-free gum and don't have more than one or two pieces a day. Both the patient and his mother denied any acute stressors connected to his symptoms. Little is known about the etiology and treatment of coprophagia in the pediatric population. Approximately 1 in 6 U. View at Google Scholar S.

what happens if my child eats feces

As a result, a person may not have enough healthy bacteria in their stool to fight off other infections, like the C. Medicare Medicaid Uninsured I prefer not to answer. We present a pediatric case of presumptive coprophagia. He did have a history of his house being flooded and having to move two years prior.

what happens if my child eats feces

While the mainstay of treatment for coprophagia is behavioral therapy, depending on the underlying etiology, there may be certain instances when pharmacology may be appropriate. By Patrick A.

What to Do When Your Gross Kid Eats Poop, Boogers, Vomit, or Dirt

Baby poop is, well, likely to consumed at some point and probably not a problem beyond it being very gross and not unlikely to lead to some digestive ramifications. Sugar-free gum sweetened with sorbitol also can be a problem because it can cause diarrhea.

Bananas, Beans, and More. Also Known As: The child denied any past or current abuse and his mother did not note any acute stressors at the time of onset of this behavior. Keep an eye on the kid. Most assuredly.

what happens if my child eats feces

Wash their hands and face well with a washcloth, mild soap and warm water, being careful to make sure that their fingernails are clean. However, experimental thiamine deficiency trials have only been done on animals and coprophagia has been found to be present in human patients with no thiamine deficiencies [ 7 ].

what happens if my child eats feces

Additionally, his mother described him as having an oral fixation.