What is a volley shot in soccer

what is a volley shot in soccer

As a midfielder, your pass needs to be accurate and able to be handled by the receiver. Interested in football and want to hone your skills with the best? Take a step or two and, then, toss the ball diagonally forwards.

what is a volley shot in soccer

Strike the ball's face the part that is facing you using your laces when the ball is about 15cm 8" off the ground for a straight shot. While the angle of contact and positioning is the same when you are a defender or a midfielder, you do not have as much space, and are usually under pressure from an opponent.

The S2S tool offers:.

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Also, extend your leg farther through the kick so you end up taking a step forward as you finish following through. And above all, practice, practice, practice. Thanks for letting us know. While clearing or shooting, you can use all the power you have, but you need to be more cautious as a winger or midfielder.

What is a volley?

It could be coming in from a cross, a pass, a bounce or maybe even a deflection. There is scarcely anything resembling consensus on this issue.

Winning Soccer - The Volley Shot featuring Coach Joe Luxbacher

Follow through by letting your feet come back down in a parabolic arc. A bolley? Answer this question Flag as... Positioning Be in position such that your non-kicking leg is parallel to where the ball is going to land.

what is a volley shot in soccer

But it also includes goals where the attacker has had more than one touch, provided the ball does not hit the floor see No4 , such as this outrageous finish for Swindon by Simon Cox. Although your volley has the most power when done on first touch, it sometimes helps for beginners to first cushion the ball to get it under control before proceeding to half volley it. In that, if the ball bounced it was not a volley. Get your opposite arm from your kicking leg outstretched for balance and get ready to swing your kicking foot to meet the ball in mid air.

what is a volley shot in soccer

Share Facebook Twitter Whatsapp Email. Start your run up by taking average or long strides first, but reduce the stride length as you reach the ball. In this case, shield the ball first, and then take the kick. This in no way reduces the majesty of such goals — Henry's in particular is terrifyingly good — but they are not volleys in the truest sense, because the ball is so much easier to strike and control.

Shoot both with your first and second touch. Below you will find one of the totally 156 soccer skills that are presented in the S2S tool.

Striking This depends on the situation you're in but you generally want to aim at the centre of the ball. Make sure the ball is at least three footsteps away before making up your mind to half volley. Drill practices, Game practices and Practice at home, as well as more general coaching points "Secrets". Football has always been a simple, intuitively understood game, with exceptions to that few and far between.

what is a volley shot in soccer