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Being a Professional 'Hearthstone' Gamer Is Harder Than It Looks

So it's about an hour of digging and another hour and a half of the preliminary editing, and then [my collaborator] Rania does the rest, which is many hours after that. Because if I play a deck that's good, yeah, I might get a higher ranking, but I don't see the point. I was going to school for math and physics, but I realized I don't really like that field.

Newsletters are the new newsletters. So they dumped the lot, replacing them with Secrets and other auto-triggering effects. Meanwhile in Arena, every single card picked can be deliberated and compared with online sites and custom in-game overlays, to the point that almost any original decision making is taken out of the process entirely. No manual dexterity is required. Check our guide to the best Hearthstone decks. It's addictive, endlessly strategic, and with more than 50 million users at the time of writing, it's getting bigger every day.

It would just be dark all the time. And on some days, especially at the end of a seven-hour stream, it can be a bit tiring. Part of what creates the mass appeal of card games is that they are simple. To come up with a deck that highlights an unusual card and doesn't suck is sometimes a bit of a challenge.

When I started making my own videos, I was living literally at the very top of game world of World of Warcraft —I was the best guild in the US.

How Hearthstone’s massive success continues to hold it back

I'm not going to play any deck that's already been proven to be good already; that's not my goal. With no in-game sideboarding system, official tournaments run on multi-deck formats, meaning every player is bringing Druid , and every player is not expecting to have to play it thanks to the ban system. So most days you don't go outside. New cards and new adventures will always be fun, and Team 5 are doing a better and better job of creating interesting puzzle pieces each time , but eventually the people reach a consensus.

Hearthstone immediately latched itself to the top of Twitch and had millions of active players. But the pace of fixing those mistakes has always been a sticking point. Mistakes are forgivable — no card game has ever had the playerbase size that Hearthstone does, and any of them would have fallen over under the pressure of so much scrutiny, particularly so early in their lifecycles.

I maximized my character. I usually just kind of check out what other people are doing on Reddit, on streams, on some of the popular Hearthstone sites like Hearthpwn.