What is pragmatic love

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You Are in Pragmatic Love

That's appealing to a romantic who often is a flighty kind of person. Justin Montoya May 15, 2013. If I don't ever find that one true love it'll be OK. When those goals are shared, however, there is very little that can tear these kinds of relationships apart, and they can be the most fulfilling and long-lasting relationships of all.

However, there are downsides to this kind of love, for the pragmatic lover thinks of themselves and also for their partner. The result can be that one partner feels the other is a burden in some way, and this can build up over time to become a toxic relationship that is damaging to both people in it. Romantics and pragmatists are attracted to each other for, well, practical reasons.

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what is pragmatic love

In addition to being clearer, gratitude also excludes the judgment which so often corrupts our experience of love. How is clarity possible when using a word with as many differing definitions as the word love?

what is pragmatic love

This can mean that the pragmatic lover weighs up what they consider to be important traits for their relationship and their partner, and bases their view of whether love is desirable or not on whether there are sufficient reasons for it to be useful and valuable to them.

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Romantics Vs. Pragmatists

In cultures where arranged marriage is the norm, such considerations form a large part of the decision to settle on a particular partner, with the long term goal of a harmonious and functional household and family environment taking a primary role in the proceedings. This can be disconcerting and may be even become painful if the partner of a pragmatic lover feels misunderstood, stifled or as though they are a disappointment to their partner as the two get to know each other better.

In cases such as these, there may be a sense of trade or entitlement, whereby both partners are working with or for each other at any given time, in a sense of constant exchange of duties. This also means the pragmatic lover is very unlikely to stray from their ideal idea of a lover to engage in casual romantic encounters, as they see no need or value in these kinds of relationships which have no future.

what is pragmatic love

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what is pragmatic love

How to get a new one. In most cases this is a temporary honeymoon phase during which both partners are more flexible and accommodating than they will be at later stages in the relationship, as differences arise.

What Would a Pragmatic Approach to Relationships Look Like?

Sign in via your Institution. This is a high expectation to place on any new relationship, because for the most part this is something that - although it may appear on the surface is happening by useful convenience in a new relationship - is actually only two people making great allowances for each other in the deep wish that they find themselves to be perfectly compatible. The components of this are honor, trust, vulnerability, gratitude, and allowance.