When saints go machine yellow lyrics tattoo

All I know is a woman with a kind of sore voice singing, you make me smile, I think its some kind of dance or trance track. Can someone help me or with a song name! There also might of been a guy there in a denim jacket?

I am looking for a particular song, how can I find it?

Think it's Long Black Veil. There is something that I must tell you... Been trying to find it for over ten years, thought it was gone forever, butcaught the end of it on the radio today. I'm looking for a rock ish song. All I really remember about it is this. I have already checked these artists anda majority of their songs but feel free to suggest, I may have missed some: There's an Indian dance in the clip.

Only 1 singer. This female singer does a very comedic song about her desire to be a "bad"girl.

when saints go machine yellow lyrics tattoo

Male singer. In the video, she's on a bus, probably in the West Indies. It's a drumm n bass song I think, but something slower, a girl is singingsomething like; '...

At last studio guy take the photograph with her. It must be a rock song from 70's, the harpsichord sound is heard in it also.

I can memorize the few narrative - "DEar Sara, I hope you get this letter. Sounded very much like Dido but german. I am looking for a particular song, how can I find it? I had this slow jam by Pitbull on my playlist but it got deleted. The Chorus is sungby a male soul singer.

when saints go machine yellow lyrics tattoo

I've been looking for this rap song with kind of long intro if i remembercorrectly and kids jumping a rope on the music video, thats about all i can remember about it. There are at least three, for example: I am looking for a song, done with a classic band, one man holding a standmic, singing with his band in the background, there is a girl in train, and the video sometimes goes in revers, man is running backward, and train is moving.

They areall dressed as angels or in white with halos and dancing around. It is driving me crazy.