When to use hyphens and en dashes

when to use hyphens and en dashes

The sign is five-and-one-half feet long. This explanation is not intended to be exhaustive for much more, see chapter 6 in CMOS 16 , but I do hope that it helps to frame the different potential of each length of dash. Rule 9b. What would be the proper standard format for an entity name like this consisting of a one-word abbreviation for the name of the primary organization modified by the two-word chapter name, which is the standard name of the geographic location of the chapter.

When writing out numbers with fractions, hyphenate only the fractions unless the construction is a compound adjective.

When to use a hyphen, an en dash or an em dash

A pair of em dashes can replace a pair of parentheses. Many modern word processors will automatically insert an em dash when you type a pair of hyphens. The white sand, the warm water, the sparkling sun—this is what brought them to Hawaii. Hyphens are also commonly used to divide words that fall at the end of a line of text and continue on the next line.

when to use hyphens and en dashes

After months of deliberation, the jurors reached a unanimous verdict—guilty. But your initial example shows it that way: My grandson and my granduncle never met. En Dashes and Em Dashes.

when to use hyphens and en dashes

Rule 3. You have been succesfully subscribed to Grammarly blog.

Hyphens, En Dashes, Em Dashes

A prefix a, un, de, ab, sub, post, anti , etc. Will she recover from her illness? The slacker video-gamed his way through life. Anyway, thanks for this.

when to use hyphens and en dashes

She might come to the party - you never know. Writers often hyphenate prefixes when they feel a word might be distracting or confusing without the hyphen. Now, many word processing software programs will automatically turn those two hyphens into an em dash if we correctly leave NO space before or after them.