Who killed lucy beale on eastenders

Also Peter had a late night and Denise was looking equally moody. Sole remaining original cast member Adam Woodyatt, who plays Ian Beale, has said the moving story will be as good as popular dramas.

EastEnders: Who killed Lucy Beale? Follow the timeline that will lead to soap killer's unmasking

Welcome to "Secrets" week. The ITV series about how serial killer Levi Bellfield was caught by the Met Police pulled in up to nine million viewers earlier this year. Still, his reaction when the police turned up was totally flawless and not at all suspicious - darting off without explanation, hiding behind the door and eavesdropping with a guilty expression on his face.

They all seem an unlikely bunch of killers, but who knows?

Who killed Lucy Beale?

Viewers waited nearly 30 minutes to hear Lee confess to doing "something stupid... The video will start in 8 Cancel Play now.

who killed lucy beale on eastenders

Could the murdered by among them? Pakistan India Pakistan conflict LIVE updates as 'two planes shot down' in disputed Kashmir region All domestic and international flights from Pakistan have stopped - with India also shutting airports as the crisis deepens. Meanwhile Peter used everything in his power to get closer to Lauren and they spent the afternoon recreating Lucy's room.

So it turned out that it was Whitney who had sent the evil message to Lucy. Jake arrived just in time for them to cart him away in front of Ian, Peter, Lauren, Max and the whole Square.

Who killed Lucy Beale?: Killer and Suspects

Jake was still in prison. After After finding the 'Rot in Hell' message Tamwar seemed to debate for forever and a day over this shocking card.

who killed lucy beale on eastenders

This news sent Peter straight out of the door with Lucy soon in tow. David couldn't run fast enough to tell Ian it had been Max all along, but held he his tongue and kept his future brother-in-law's damning secret. It might also have been because Cindy mentioned to Ian that she did NOT see him at the restaurant - despite that being Ian's alibi. What if Lucy saw this and replied instead?

Elsewhere Billy Mitchell implied to the Carters that Lee might know a little more than he is making out. Starting with a shocked David surprised that Max was going to the funeral, there were a few last minute creases that had to be ironed out.

who killed lucy beale on eastenders

As police officers, DC Emma Summerhayes and DS Bryant, explained to him what happened and how they came to the conclusion that it was Lucy, Ian showily realised the terrible truth. Jake will be pleased. This news is much to the annoyance of the rest of the Brannings, Cora especially.