10 bbl electric brewhouse cafe

Some aspects of the existing structure were salvaged during the mostly demolition process, which was followed by approval of the architectural drawings and the commencement of construction. These key team members consult on every aspect of our brewery equipment design, performance, and functionality.

[Case Study] – Building a 10 BBL Brewery in Knoxville, TN

Standard low pressure boiler sizes for our systems are from 5HP to 40HP. Heating elements, float switch, and thermowell mounted in the tank. Laser etched stainless steel squeeze trigger butterfly valves allow for precise flow modulation and control without having to constantly move up and down the work platform during the course of the brew day.

With a team that draws upon very strong functional backgrounds in brewing science, mechanical engineering, industrial design, supply chain, logistics, manufacturing, and quality, Ss Brewtech has the people and skill sets you would want and expect from your supplier of pro brewing equipment.

While we would love to travel the world and sell more equipment, we also have to pace ourselves - and thus, until further notice we can't quote out non-USA projects. We have sought to overcome these surprisingly common problems by demanding that our equipment be built to highest standards, tolerances, and specifications.

Heaters come with standard stainless tri-clamp bases. Pro Brewhouses 1 bbl Brewhouse 3. Brew Kits All Grain Extract. For more information, call 877-703-3280 or visit smartmachine. That may change later in 2018 heading into 2019 - but for now, we just can't. SMT manufactures large tanks and vessels for a wide range of industries. SMT, which builds 3. We chose SMT because of their ability to work with us on custom specs for the brewhouse and they are located close by. Set to open during 2018, this past summer Elst Brewing stakeholders carefully selected and purchased a building in the 2400 block of North Central Street that will become the site of Elst Brewery located in historic Old North Knoxville ONK.

Turnkey Brewing Systems

Our favorite part of creating beer is sharing it with others. Our staff of professionally educated brewers earned their expertise from institutions such as Siebel in Chicago and Doemens World Brewing Academy in Germany. The steam systems have many advantages: We are however happy to suggest parts and vendors for the stuff we don't directly supply where appropriate.

Brewer Centric Design The signature and patent pending design element of our brewhouses is without a doubt the consolidated valve tree mounted atop the working platform within easy reach of the main control panel.

Also please note that we don't currently have our own grain mills or glycol chilling systems and we don't provide full soup to nuts "everything needed in a brewery" quotes. The two 10BBL unitank fermentation tanks and the 20BBL fermentation and brite tanks will be the first of many additional such units added over time as Elst Beer builds up its brand and meets its Knoxville, and eventually regional, market goals.