1930 penny how many madea

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1930 Penny - Australia's Best Known Rare Coin

View the discussion thread. The best option can really only be determined by having an understanding of the coins concerned, and your own circumstances. Alex says: But some rare coin experts have questioned the legitimacy of the coin's advertised provenance as the mint master's coin.

1930 penny how many madea

Australian pennies. Value and spec information is sourced from various locations, including coin literature, coin dealers, resource websites, and asking price for online sales by reputable coin dealers. If I win Powerball or gain financial independence any time soon by following more traditional wealth creation means, I will definitely be spending some time in our public institutions doing research that will put an end to controversies such as this!

Rare Australian proof penny worth $1.4 million to go on show in Sydney

The new dies bearing the changed date 1930 were therefore tested for the bronze halfpenny and penny denominations even though no order existed. I have not seen any research that provides serious support to the contention that the coin was struck for visitors to the Melbourne Mint during the Depression, however setting that bone of contention aside, the reporter chose to focus on the provenance of this particular example of the coin, specifically the fact that the provenance had been linked to one of the Deputy Masters of the Melbourne Mint, Mr A.

I was wondering if this is accurate and if the value would've gone up at all?

1930 penny how many madea

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1930 penny how many madea

Naomi Andrzejeski. These ads ceased when held to be in breach of wartime regulations.

The Famous Australian 1930 Penny

An analysis of how King George V pennies in general and this coin in particular wear over time will give us a clear idea of what to look for in a superior quality coin. There are plans to bring the exhibition to Sydney.

1930 penny how many madea

We are able to perform an independent appraisal of your collection, and also provide recommendations regarding resale options if you like. It was 1931 before any new order for bronze coins was received and the stock of 1929 pieces with the additional few 1930 pennies was released. Again, check with your chosen coin specialist for a comprehensive answer.