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Coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering CARS microscopy is a label-free imaging technique, providing contrast based on the intrinsic molecular vibrations of a specimen, circumventing the need for chemical perturbation by exogenous labels. In this work we have especially focused on the process of vitellogenesis provision and uptake of yolk into oocytes and established some of the endocrine and molecular mechanisms controlling yolk uptake and processing.

Austria September 2010. Plot Keywords: A major challenge in nanoparticle eco toxicology is the ability to localise NMs post exposure, to enable more targeted biological effects analyses. These systems include cell culture especially hepatocytes , recombinant cell lines and receptor transactivation assays. De novo assembly of the Carcinus maenas transcriptome and characterization of innate immune system pathways. Population-level consequences for wild fish exposed to sublethal concentrations of chemicals — a critical review.

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With the exception of dieldrin, our data shows PCBs and other organochlorine pesticides have remained stable or increased in the past 20 years in dipper eggs, despite discontinued use.

Fish can be exposed to a variety of neuroactive pharmaceuticals via the effluent discharges from wastewater treatment plants and concerns have arisen regarding their potential impacts on fish behaviour and ecology. In mammals, the pregnane X receptor PXR is a transcription factor with a key role in regulating expression of several genes involved in drug biotransformation. We evaluate whether the current environmental risk assessment regulatory guidance is protective of antibiotic impacts on the environment, protective of antimicrobial resistance, and propose science-based protection goals for antibiotic manufacturing discharges.

Here, the full length PXR sequence was cloned from carp Cyprinus carpio and used in a luciferase reporter assay to elucidate its role in xenobiotic metabolism in fish.

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The application of drugs targeting different convulsant mechanisms 4-Aminopyridine, Pentylenetetrazole, Pilocarpine and Strychnine resulted in distinct spatiotemporal patterns of activity. Acute exposures to the test chemicals had little effect on population-level endpoints at any of the concentrations tested. Stacey Thompson Trevor Gagnon... Avian studies of endocrine disruption traditionally have focused on reproductive impairment, given that many environmental contaminants affect sex steroid hormones.