Crusty bread recipe with whole wheat flour

Also, I used half whole wheat flour and half all purpose. Fantastic recipe. Hi Justin, thanks for your comment!

Crusty Whole Wheat Artisan Bread in Under 3 Hours

Our No-Knead Crusty White Bread is a reader favorite, and this riff substitutes whole wheat flour for most of the all-purpose to create a loaf that's crusty, delicious — and extra-nutritious! Who needs a restaurant? Totally perfect, for those days that you make a homemade soup and want to serve a little more substance.

crusty bread recipe with whole wheat flour

Then 30 minutes. Thanks so much for your response. Easy Crusty French Bread. Ca,w out super perfect crusty and color! It looks and tastes spectacular.

Easy Crusty French Bread

Explore thousands of top-rated recipes on GeniusKitchen. I found this recipe to be very wet and difficult to work with. I have never baked bread before.

crusty bread recipe with whole wheat flour

Dead simple, quick, and delicious, with a super-crunchy crust. This is a keeper and I will be making this again very, very soon! I am glad you liked the recipe so much. What else can I throw in there?

Thanks Susan. What am I doing wrong.

crusty bread recipe with whole wheat flour

Hoping this still turns out alright. I have used parchment paper, even doubled it, cut down the baking time to 25 minutes covered and 5 minutes with the lid off.