Dhirendra singh committee of the whole

For a reforms push in defence

They are a work in progress across the globe. Have you read these stories?

dhirendra singh committee of the whole

Strategic Manpower Planning in the Armed 1329 January 28, 2015. The technology perspective and capability roadmap as laid out by MoD giving details of the equipment and technologies required by the armed forces needs to be revisited and shared with the industry.

Dhirendra Singh Committee Report: What it Means to the Army

Manas Jaiswal 10 May, 2018, 08. Cut to the bone Excavations from Rakhigarhi, a Harappan site in Haryana, could alter the readings of ancient history. Brand Solutions. Kaveri Seed Company: The current situation in the global arms industry will prompt a closer look at India.

dhirendra singh committee of the whole

Government finalises ambitious plan for private firms in defence manufacturing 20 May, 2017, 06. Adityanath said his government's aim is to provide jobs to two lakh youths locally in the next one year. Manpasand Beverages rallies on new Varanasi plant 27 Aug, 2018, 09.

Amrita Jash Dr.

Dhirendra Singh Committee: Main Recommendations

The efforts will fall flat if defence budgets are not adequately allocated. Consistent availability of funds for the next 10 years is a must. Mansi Mehrotra Dr.

dhirendra singh committee of the whole

National Entrepreneurship Awards 2018. India must step on the gas.


Sachdeva Dr. During the same period, 85 cases involving Rs. It is also critical to note that reinventing the wheel in non-critical sectors is a waste of investment and time, so relevant partnerships with foreign companies should be encouraged. Rather than seek refuge in procedural wranglings, the MoD needs to take a more practical view of the needs of the services.

dhirendra singh committee of the whole

The current scenario where private industry is pitted against each other and the DPSUs, can be done away with. Sagar Doshi 14 Feb, 2018, 08.