Dsm rpm jumping when stopped

Sometimes while stopped in traffic or at a red light, my speedometer will go crazy, hops up to 65mph when I'm completely stopped then dives all the way down to 0. Kyle kylejwilke. Then you will be able to track it down to mechanical or electrical.

From Cold Start, car has trouble holding idle until warm. Why?

Chosen Solution. I've got to take it somewhere and have it diagnosed. Kyle kylejwilke Rep: Sony announces the Xperia 1, 10, and 10 Plus with 21: When I was searching for this on my Dodge, most said it was a good chance that it could just be removed and cleaned and replaced.

dsm rpm jumping when stopped

Is that the fix itself, is it worth fixing, what is causing this problem. Shawn reedy shawn95.

dsm rpm jumping when stopped

I had a similar issue on the wifes 2001 Altima. I plug map and tps back in and turn her over and holdmy hazzards on it idles perfectly and I can drive it anyone know what it could be?

dsm rpm jumping when stopped

Sign in with Twitter. I think it might be a electrical. Sign In or Sign Up.

dsm rpm jumping when stopped

Someone said it might be a clogged egr valve there was a recall for that but I stupidly never had mine replaced or some other sensor. Posted November 7, 2009.

Terry's Talon Troubleshooting Tips #3 - Fast Idle (aka. Idle Surge)

BeenThere DoneThat Rep: Help Translate iFixit. Mini Spy. This only happens when I'm idling.