How is a covenant broken

Understanding Covenant - I part

Hoeksema wrote and what I quoted in Clarion of November 4,1978. Job had complained that God was wrong and did not do right to him.

how is a covenant broken

It does, however, define at least one set of conditions under which remarriage is not permitted. But he corrupts the Canons. Second Objection: I have argued that Scripture teaches explicitly that marriage is a covenant involving two equally responsible partners who promise in the presence of God to be faithful to one another until death separates them.

how is a covenant broken

So divorce does not end the marriage covenant. They were unfaithful to me, there.

On Making and Breaking Covenants

In my previous Review we saw again that, according to Prof. Reconciliation renewal of vows or divorce should follow 66-67, 84-85.

how is a covenant broken

It is like a system of planets without a central sun - unable to maintain its independence. Share This Article with a Friend To unlock this article for your friends, use any of the social share buttons on our site, or simply copy the link below.


This issue is not unique to the perpetuity-of-the-marriage-covenant view. In this group is also Jeremiah 14: And we do not have to assume a historic sphere of the covenant beside the covenant proper.

how is a covenant broken

When Israel is exhorted to choose between life and death, that choice is depicted as a way of living before God as a result of which blessings or curses come upon the people Deut. Jonathan seeks out his friend to give him moral and spiritual support v. It was not uncommon for the husband to take a second wife when he was financially able to do so.

how is a covenant broken

Divorcees often hear the words "God hates divorce" from others. For Journaling and Note-Taking Retail: They, in their actions, for themselves do not leave such a commandment or law whole and complete. Fourth Objection: It was destroyed.