How much gb for ipad

BUYER'S GUIDE: Everything You Need To Know Before You Pick Up A New iPad Air Or iPad Mini

Most of the other decisions like going with a Mini, an Air or the absolutely huge iPad Pro can be made based on personal preferences, but it is difficult to judge just how much storage you'll need until you actually need that storage.

For example, Microsoft Excel will take up around 440 MB of space without any actual spreadsheets stored on the iPad. Our recommendation: If there's anything we haven't addressed, feel free to bring it up in the comments and we'll see how we can help. Leave a comment.

how much gb for ipad

But is 32 GB enough? This is a great choice for many people.

How Much iPad Storage Do You Need?

To sweeten the deal, T-Mobile is also throwing in a free 200 MB worth of data each month, perfect for those who would only use it sparingly. The sweet spot, in value terms, is 256GB.

This is where storage space on your iPhone is a little different than the space you might use on your iPad. The average song takes up about 4 MB of space. Here you can see a simple equation: Air or Mini with Retina?

how much gb for ipad

But with 128 GB, you can store several movies and still have most of your storage space dedicated to other uses. To get the cheapest iPad possible, go Wi-Fi only. And while you can't store apps in cloud storage, you can store music, movies, photos and other documents.

how much gb for ipad

It is also easy to use cloud storage along with Office and other productivity apps, so you don't need to store everything locally. The iPad may not allow you to plug in a thumb drive or a micro SD card to expand your storage, but there are ways you can increase the amount of storage available to your iPad.

This is why anticipating how you will use the iPad is important in figuring out the right storage space model. While most won't need 64 GB, it's something to consider since you can't upgrade the storage later. While it is tempting to download your favorite music to your iPhone so that there is no disruption if you drive through a dead spot in your coverage, you may mostly use your iPad when you are on Wi-Fi, freeing you from the need to download a bunch of music.

how much gb for ipad