How old is qt jazz 2013 blue

Queen Naija – A Blue Rose In America

She will soon be releasing her first EP, and then later an Album. As for the rumors about her romantic involvement with Clarence NYC. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

how old is qt jazz 2013 blue

More money, more problems is a saying that fit their situation for sure. Previous Post. And why not?

how old is qt jazz 2013 blue

She deserves it! On Twitter, she calls herself Blue Rose, which shows that she is not the typical woman at all.

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They made the tune their intro song for future videos. Things are looking all the way up for this new songstress who gives GOD all the glory for her success. She has been through so much, but at the now age of 22 years old, she holds her head up high each and every day.

Though visibly broken, Queen assured her viewers that she was okay and would be okay, that she was just having an emotional moment while sitting in her car alone and just vibing to music. She is human like everyone else, so she has her ups and downs. Skip to content. AtticaLundy aka DearTrapMary. Like this: Learn how your comment data is processed. At the age 19 she married her childhood boyfriend Chris Sails and they had a son together.

Next Post. As time went on they continued to show relationshipgoals online ,though periodically they would release music that told a different tale. We greatly appreciate her for letting us see her living her best life via social media posts and videos, and watching her bloom into stardom.

how old is qt jazz 2013 blue

Born October 17, 1995 in Michigan, Queen Naija is one of the newest, hottest, on the rise entertainers today. Good management pays off because on April 27, 2018 she received a record deal and is signed to Capital Records which she announced via a made for Instagram video https: The couple began documenting their lives on YouTube doing pranks, challenges, reactions, story times, vlogs, and releasing their music as YouTubers.

It then came out that this was not a new problem for the duo. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.