How to change clock spring

how to change clock spring

Remove Clock Spring Mounting Bolts Step 8 — The top plate may need to be moved slightly in either direction to access all screws.

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how to change clock spring

MyAirbags specializes in clock spring and airbag module repair, and much more. Step 1 — Start by removing the negative battery cable end to help prevent electrical short circuits while the job is being done. Pros and Cons. It is imperative to immediately change a clock spring that has been damaged.

Clock Spring

Signs Your Clock Spring Needs Repair Clock springs may become faulty with age due to electrical ribbons and their connections wearing thin. Ask Question. Sunroof Vs. Allow your car to diminish its charge to the airbag system for at least 20 or 30 minutes.

Need To Replace Your Steering Wheel Clock Spring? Here Is How

Key Stuck in the Ignition. Steering Wheel Clock Spring Step 5 — Alignment marks are used as a reference and must be considered when working with a clock spring. Locate the airbag mounting bolts and remove them to lift the unit from the steering wheel. It had exactly everything I needed to get this taken care of myself.

How to Replace an Airbag Clock Spring

Service is fast and express shipping is available! Disconnect the faulty clock spring, and replace it with the new one.

how to change clock spring

When replacement is required match the new part to the old part, they should match identically. In a cross pattern evenly tighten the mounting screws but do not over tighten because they are in plastic and can strip out.

how to change clock spring

Thank you so much! Tightly wrap the steering wheel with tape over the slot where the airbag is located, so that in case it accidentally gets set off, its impact can be controlled at the very least.