How to furnish a group therapy room

Directions Counseling Group was founded in 1993 and most of the therapists have been sharing space here for 5 — 15 years. Our work together offers a continuum of verbal and experiential modalities, such as art making, sandplay, shame resilience, holistic and mindfulness to support clients to become unstuck.

how to furnish a group therapy room

We have a gorgeous view of the hills outside of Newberg from both of our offices. Such a great project! They can be visually soothing when they have curved shapes, as well as visually stimulating when they have a pattern or texture. The windows have black blinds blocking out the sun.

Décor Ideas for Therapists' Offices

They should feel comfortable and "at home" during their appointments. Great project! The four primary colors and their universal reactions are a great starting point for defining a therapist's office. For example, a swivel chair might be ill-conceived for a nervous patients that focuses on the movement of the chair instead of what's being said.

Decorating your Therapy Office

As important as the colors, textures and patterns, the way you layout the office and additional decorative items you use for accent pieces are equally important. Room temperature also influences comfort and concentration of both counselors and clients.

how to furnish a group therapy room

I am passionate about working holistically with people who are suffering with addiction and eating disorders. It may be helpful for health care organizations and professionals to consider marketing research on employee response to color when planning spaces.

how to furnish a group therapy room

Red accent pieces can be very effective choices for the other primary colors in this particular room design. Through therapy we can learn to understand ourselves better and see why we behave as we do.

I also have crystals for their healing energy. Physical accessibility should be considered for ethical and legal reasons.

Creative Spaces: Inside 25 Counselling & Psychotherapy Rooms

My goal has been to create a tranquil, clear space free from clutter and distraction — a space that feels safe and welcoming and suitable for all. References Bakker, R. Indianapolis, IN: