How to get vendor license nyc

The Department shall issue a general vending license to the applicable party in his or her name upon submission to the Department of proof of the conditions upon which the transfer is based.

General Street Vendor License

Just call the office or email us your questions. Where can I get a copy of the vending laws? If you want to sell food, it is somewhat easier but still difficult. You still need a city license to sell at street fairs, but it is not difficult to get.

General Vendor

Save Save this item to your account. While we are happy to try to help you get started, and you are very welcome to join the project, we cannot hold your hand.

Becoming a NYS Vendor

There is a good chance that you will be arrested and your merchandise will be confiscated. Pushcart Funds.

General Vendor License Transfer

Do I need a license or permit? Section 35-a of Article 4 of Chapter 20 of the New York State General Business Law requires the transfer of a specialized vending license held by a disabled veteran to the spouse, children or guardian of surviving minor children of the vendor in certain circumstances upon the death or disability of the licensee.

Javascript is required to view this map. We frequently get inquiries from people who dream of quitting their jobs and becoming vendors. Disclaimer The City has tried to provide you with correct information on this website.

how to get vendor license nyc

You can apply for a NYC street vendor, or general vendor, license either online or in person. You must complete the online application in one sitting. For example, if you want to sell merchandise and you are not a US military veteran, you are out of luck.

General Vendor License

Please note: The license shall revert to the Department for reassignment upon the death of the surviving spouse or when: Use the Step by Step Tool. You may need additional information to meet the legal requirements for starting or operating your business. Print out all of the confirmation materials once you have completed the online application. The Department of Health holds lotteries every few years to distribute any excess permits, but the average wait is still more than a decade.

You must use a major credit card to pay your license or convenience fee if applying online. What do I do?

how to get vendor license nyc

I want to work at a street fair. If you are not already on the waiting list, you must wait until the list is reopened. So long as you abide by the restrictions on the placement of your pushcart or table our Vendor Power! Marriage license or proof of domestic partnership Death certificate, if applicable Proof of service.

how to get vendor license nyc