How to make names in bubble letters

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Now that you've got the basic idea, let's talk about how to draw block letters using a technique that lets you apply them directly to a piece of artwork. Learn to draw bubble letter graffiti. When the "Edit WordArt Text" window pops up, type the words to convert into bubble letters into the "Text" box.

how to make names in bubble letters

Step 2. Alternatively, if you're tracing, you can just put the image where you'd like it to be. You've got two options: Resources 1 Microsoft: Repeat the "Squiggle" process for each additional bubble letter. Now your pencil sketch is done.

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how to make names in bubble letters

Draw a pattern inside the letters. For more detailed directions on how to use this technique click here for How to draw bubble letters. Paper Crafts. Click the "Shapes" button on the ribbon.

With the Microsoft Publisher desktop publishing software, you're able to turn your desktop into a newsroom, magazine layout office and marketing supply company all with a few clicks through Publisher's included templates. Order at Amazon. Using the lines of each letter as a guide, create a block shape around it as if you're insulating it.

Using tracing paper, trace over the letters, but only their outlines. When you think the letters are fat enough, draw a dark line all around the outside edges with a permanent marker and erase the inside guidelines.

Watch classes, learn from the experts, and get creative. Trace one letter, then move the paper over slightly and trace the next letter, etc...

Drawing Block Letters is So Easy, You May Never Buy Another Birthday Card

Drawing 1. Redraw the letters close together, overlapping them just a little bit. Add ink, color the shapes in with paint, or whatever you like. Type in the phrase you want to render in block letters, and choose the case upper or lower and the spacing you want.

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Choose where you'll put the lettering, and where you want the letters to expand to. Master brush-lettering basics to create handmade cards for any occasion.

how to make names in bubble letters

We have drawn it dark, just so you can see it better. Start Publisher. Click on this link for more free graffiti drawing lessons and handouts.