How to make pinhole glasses for eclipse

For a longer viewer and larger projection , you may want to tape two mailing tubes end-to-end with dark duct tape. Cover the inside of the front side of your box with white paper to make a viewing screen.

how to make pinhole glasses for eclipse

Photo by Xochitl Garcia. It creates a larger projection of the sun. On August twenty-first, twenty-seventeen, A solar eclipse in the continental U.

how to make pinhole glasses for eclipse

All you need to create this viewer is a pair of binoculars or a telescope, an old cereal box, and a light surface to project on. All you need is a piece of card stock or cardboard and a pin. Why make a longer pinhole viewer you ask?

Here's How to Make a Pinhole Viewer So You Don't Have to Buy Another Thing

Latest Episode. See the sunlight shining between those leaves or the holes in that colander above? That includes through pinhole viewers, binoculars, or sunglasses. Create a hole for your head in the bottom the box towards the back have an adult do this part.

Make a Projector to Safely See a Solar Eclipse

If you have any old shipping tubes, you can create a longer pinhole viewer. No worries, you can appreciate this solar phenomenon using some simple projection devices you can make at home.

how to make pinhole glasses for eclipse

At the other end of the tube, cut a rectangle out of the side of your tube that allows you to see the bottom of the tube. You can actually calculate the size that your projection will appear using the dimensions of your projector. The foil makes it easier to get a crisp projection, and you can easily poke multiple holes to project a fancy pattern.

Five Ways To View The Solar Eclipse

Instead, always look at the projections created by a pinhole projector. Get a very large box.

how to make pinhole glasses for eclipse

To create this viewer you need an old mailing tube, aluminum foil, box cutters have an adult use this tool , and white paper. During an eclipse, those objects will work like pinhole projectors. We like to call this a pinhole hat. Cover that hole with aluminum foil. To create one, you need a large box, some white paper, duct tape, and some aluminum foil.

Position your pinhole projector with the hole pointed towards until the projector casts the smallest shadow on the ground. Put on your pinhole hat so that the aluminum panel faces the sun and tilt and turn until a small circular dot is projected onto the white paper inside.