How to use fluorescence microscopy tuberculosis

In addition, in the coinfected groups, tuberculosis is one of the major AIDS defining illnesses [ 4 ]. Add comment Close comment form modal. A comparative study reported that a mean time of 1 min to examine a sputum smear with fluorescence microscopy achieved higher sensitivity and equivalent specificity than did conventional light microscopy with an examination time of 4 min [ 10 ].

how to use fluorescence microscopy tuberculosis

Citing articles via Web of Science 86. ZN microscopy was used to confirm the presence of acid fast bacilli and strain identification was done using Capilia TB identification test.

how to use fluorescence microscopy tuberculosis

A new initiative offers hope. Wood, T. There is a definite need for improved access to sputum culture to establish drug susceptibility in areas with high rates of drug-resistant TB and in HIV-infected patients who have negative sputum smear results.

Fluorescent light-emitting diode (LED) microscopy for diagnosis of tuberculosis policy

Fluorescence microscopy offers well-described benefits, compared with conventional light microscopy, for the evaluation of sputum smear samples for tuberculosis. Consecutive study specimens were collected from adult patients suspected to have pulmonary TB who routinely attended 2 primary health care clinics in Cape Town, South Africa. Table 1: Table 2 shows the yield of sputum smear-positive specimens identified with each of the diagnostic modalities evaluated. Two experienced laboratory technologists read the smears and they were blinded to the result of each other.

Marais, W. Volume 47. The concentrated specimen was used for inoculation onto the slant of Lowenstein-Jensen media for the early morning specimen only. Mycobacterial culture provided the gold standard.

The excellent sensitivity and specificity achieved and the short evaluation time required for fluorescence microscopy indicate the potential benefit of making the modality more widely available, especially in resource-limited settings with a high burden of TB.

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Figures and Tables. Split View Views. Sensitivity, specificity, and interreader agreement were compared among all 3 modalities, with culture as the gold standard. We conducted a cross-sectional, laboratory-based study.

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how to use fluorescence microscopy tuberculosis

Patient Evaluation and Sample Collection HIV positive patients who attended the ART clinics of the study site were screened for sign and symptoms of TB by the attending physicians using nonprobable convenient sampling method.