How to use microsoft office word 2007

You can insert a merge field, but you have to do it manually.

how to use microsoft office word 2007

If you choose either of these selections proceed to the next section, Choose a Data Source. It disappears when you move off it or click somewhere else.

how to use microsoft office word 2007

When you insert a picture into a table both the Table Tools tabs sets and the Picture Tools appear:. It hovers until you move the mouse pointer over it, then it materializes with several buttons for common text formatting tasks. They can be colorful and wordy or plain and concise like the one below with its button name, keyboard shortcut, and brief description.

how to use microsoft office word 2007

Note that you can only proceed to this step if you have chosen a document type, and you have selected a data source to provide the list of recipients and the details. It lists everything you can put on the status bar and indicates the elements the Status Bar currently displays with check marks. You might have noticed that Word doesn't let you insert a merge field in the Insert this text or Otherwise this text areas of the dialog box when composing the rule.

Microsoft Word 2007 Basic Usage

Enhanced ScreenTips appear when you move the mouse pointer over objects in the Ribbon. You select from a quick list or choose More Commands for a list of all commands. Some new features in Office 2007 programs become unavailable grayed out on the menus once documents are saved in an earlier version. Click [[Image: The options vary by application.

Microsoft Word 2007 Tutorial - part 01 of 13 - Word Interface 1

Retrieved from " https: Send your request for. The details below describe how these document types differ from a standard letter document.

The new interface elements are described in the following sections. To access online training modules you need a login name and password.

how to use microsoft office word 2007

The gallery to the right is the Styles gallery in Word 2007 on the Home tab. Click Customize Quick Access Toolbar to add the features important to you.

The Ribbon takes the place of Toolbars. Click in the Styles section of the Home tab to expand the gallery.

how to use microsoft office word 2007

All the basic features required for normal functionality will still be available.