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So unless you have a quote from Dave, don't bother.

General Comment Not sure I can add to the debate, but here's my spin... General Comment To me, its like hes talking to one of his friends who is completely whipped by some girl and hes telling him, hey dude, you are ruining your life.. General Comment wow i can not stop pressing replay on this song... Rate These Lyrics. We're all going to die, so we should enjoy our time here: Likely I suspect What would you say if your selfishness had screwed everything up?

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General Comment At the start of the video, it has Adam and Eve attached to strings, and several apples. It's another allusion to not eating from the Tree, and don't "bite the mailman" could also be the way of saying, "Maybe you shouldn't question God.

how would you say lyrics

Should we only do what has been planned for us? No Replies Log in to reply. A standout, purely for the feeling in it.

The keys here aren't anything with the bear or the monkey or the dog. The "lifetime's passed me by" is never taking a look back and thinking about what's actually going on around you.

I think he feels people are judgmental and are quick to assume their judgments. They don't take a step back, they run right through the motions because that's what they've always done. There is quite an argument going around, and it says that if God is omniscient, then he knew what Adam and Eve would do even though they would have "free will"God still knows the outcome and yet he chose to put them there ANYWAY, casuing the whole Original Sin, the damnation of mankind, to take place.

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General Comment Several short meanings, I dont think there is a common, overbearing theme. This is the part, te struggle about whether to question God or not: I didn't write it. More Dave Matthews Band Lyrics.

how would you say lyrics

My Interpretation I find the meaning simple but I happen to liken it to Dave's atheist line of thought. Log in to add a tag. Don't drop the big one" Don't screw up, because there's nothing to "say" about life when you do" "If you a monkey on a string, don't cut my lifeline" means that "If your gonna screw up, don't take me with you" "If you s doggy on a chain, don't bite the mailman" means not to do something stupid "I was there when the beat ate his head, thought it was a candy, everyone goes in the end" means that death can happen anytime, "Knock knock on the door who's it for, there's nobody in here, look in the mirror my friend" means that don't be constantly thinking about other people, you CAN think about yourself.

In that way, Adam and Eve were just pawns in a bigger plan, puppets, monkeys on strings, dogs on leashes, however you want to paint the same picture.

how would you say lyrics

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how would you say lyrics

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