Howling bells radio wars tracklist life

Radio Wars demands its listeners heed that siren song, and it's truthfully hard to resist.

howling bells radio wars tracklist life

Comments on OverRun and Stumbleupon by wflor421. All hail the first great album of 2009! In a perfect world they should have the world at their feet.

howling bells radio wars tracklist life

How Long Howling Bells. Jazz Latin New Age. As before, the true focus remains on vocalist Juanita Stein , whose croon is responsible for the sexy undercurrents running beneath all ten tracks.

Cities Burning Down 4: The LP offers a formidable opening volley in the form of first track "Treasure Hunt", which springs right out of the stereo on a wave of "bah-bah"s, sci-fi sounds, and "How Soon Is Now?

Radio Wars

Plenty of bands have done far worse. I think women in the music business,who are serious musicians and in life in general would like to be respected for things other than just their physical attributes.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Sometimes wars are won with persistence and numbers alone, after all.

Album Of The Month- January09 -Howling Bells “Radio Wars”

Release Date February 9, 2009. Wishing Stone Howling Bells.

howling bells radio wars tracklist life

Skip to content Search query All Results. Howling Bells toured heavily in support of their self-titled debut, playing international shows alongside heavyweights like Coldplay , Snow Patrol , and the Killers. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

howling bells radio wars tracklist life

Sadly it seems Alexandra Burke has it at her feet. You havent mentioned that Junaita is a total babe, dude. Howling Bells truly have the ability to illuminate the darkness and paint the sky with stars. On the album's final two songs -- the minimalist, insistent "How Long" and a hidden track named "To L. Yes, maybe the production has been ratcheted up a notch ; it is not however, a band radically changing direction, as some feared.

Radio Wars/Paradiso

Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Learn how your comment data is processed. It Ain't You. If 2006's Howling Bells was the fictional soundtrack to a gloomy art house film, then Radio Wars is its big-budget sequel, a collection of minor-key anthems and Technicolor melodies that are both stylish and cinematic.

Into The Chaos 3: Into the Chaos.