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The only treatment for obturator hernia is surgery. The Howship-Romberg sign was observed.

Obturator Hernia with Ureteral Entrapment

A CT scan oh the pelvis showed a soft tissue shadow between the external obturator muscle and the pectineal muscle. The obturator canal is approximately 0. Obturator hernia needs a laparotomy, not a diagnosis. For this reason, the initial approach of urology was crucial before surgery. Drug Dosage: The incidence is 0. On examination, she had a soft and flat abdomen and did not exhibit any signs of peritoneal irritation.

This surgical approach may be particularly useful when diagnostic incongruity exists on the exact type of hernia suspected following preoperative and radiological assessment. May 2014. For the academic login, please select your organization on the next page.

Lancet 377: Figure 4b: The mesh rested on the external iliac and the internal iliac vessels, posterior to the broad ligament and the rectum, in the pre-sacral region. Case Report A 77-year old woman was admitted to the surgical ward with vomiting, weakness, constipation and lower left quadrant abdominal pain that radiated posteriorly since 4 days. Laparoscopic operations are less traumatic and therefore might be more suitable for this type of patients. She underwent a computed tomography scan of the pelvis, and a soft tissue shadow was seen between the external obturator and pectineal muscles.

The Mayo Clinic experience. The use of laparoscopic techniques to treat obturator hernias was reported to be associated with less severe loss of function in the lower extremities, fewer postoperative complications, and a faster return to work than conventional surgery [6].

Howship–Romberg Sign

A Case Report". Karger AG, Basel Introduction Obturator hernia is a rare pelvic hernia with a relatively high morbidity and mortality. Was evaluated the weakness of the superior foramen and a polypropylene mesh was placed to reinforce the obturator foramen fig.

The left ureter was identified; it appeared swollen and inflamed with pigtail.