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Steve McQueen. Panda Bear Buoys Slant say the sixth solo album from Animal Collective founding member Noah Lennox "bristles with the creative energy" while CoS say the sound "envelops the listener in a gentle, serene manner". A believable storyteller, a subtle guitarist and a composer of haunting melodies Read Review.

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Kids on Holiday. True Hopeless romantics only Favourite Song: Slaves of Fear. A pastiche of references beyond his reach Pitchfork. Dark Light Custom Preview.

This is a brave, weighty and heartfelt debut from a hefty new songwriter. Ready, Able. Someones Missing. Riding on the crests of that triumphant single, this impressive album should propel young Hozier even further into the arms of success Read Review.

Leaders Of Men. Rankings are calculated to two decimal places. Dianne Young. A daring record that bristles with ideas NME.

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Weekend Wars. After Life. No way! You can't find a bad song on this album, its rare that I like every song but Ocular Spectacular is one of them Favourite Song: It All Feels Right. High and Dry.