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Restaurant Review: Burma Burma – Vegetarian Burmese and tea salon

Add the remaining 1? It is a sinful indulgence that leaves one wanting more with every bite. Season with cracked black pepper and salt. View 1 comments Post a comment. Recipe Quail with Grape Sauce, Turnips, and Radishes8 sprigs sage8 quail, bone in, rinsed and patted dry, neck bones and wing tips removed1 tbsp cracked black pepper1 bunch red radishes 6 to 8 , greens discarded2 bunches baby turnips with greens 12 to 16: So, I am sharing that with you. Relying heavily on maize and rice grown in the highlands, Chin food, like Mizo food, is comforting, if bland, and not too keen on oil, spices or coconut milk.

She said she was equally impressed by the authentic flavours of everything she sampled at the restaurant. What if I told you that khao suey as we know it and spell it was probably invented in 20th century Bengal?

Visiting the place on a rainy afternoon, I decided to start off my meal with the Italian classic and favourite — a pizza. Related Articles. After wowing Mumbai for over a year, Burma Burma has brought its trademark bright decor and robust vegetarian menu drawing upon the repertoire of the expat Marwari community in the neighbouring country. Season to taste with salt and white pepper, transfer the turnips to a plate, and repeat the process with the chopped radishes, another 2 T butter, and another 1?

The staff in green tees —matching the fresh paint on the window panes — stands in attention; gearing up for the opening. Brown on both sides and serve hot.

Phorum Dalal October 12, 2016 13: Open daily from 11am-11pm.

Burmese beyond ‘khao suey’

All rights reserved. Singh has written 22 books on food, night life and people. Modi in Korea: Add remaining 1 T butter to the pan with the reserved turnip greens, and toss until wilted. And bowls over the dyed-in-the-drool gorgeous vegetarian gourmet Mandira Bedi.