Latest news when afghan will sign bsa

Abdullah, a medical doctor, was a close aide to Ahmed Shah Massoud.

Top US official visiting Afghanistan to discuss BSA signing

By Charles Recknagel. That clause in the BSA is likely to be closely read by Iran, which accuses Washington of seeking to create a permanent presence in the region under the guise of fighting terrorism. White House: September 30, 2014 14: An earlier version of a picture caption with this article misidentified the man shown shaking hands with Hanif Atmar.

latest news when afghan will sign bsa

Toggle navigation MENU. Embassy in Kabul on Sept. It also stresses that "U.

latest news when afghan will sign bsa

SMS News Service. Mending Alliance, U.

Explainer: Key Points In U.S.-Afghan Bilateral Security Agreement

Under the two documents Afghanistan signed Tuesday, around 12,000 military personnel, mostly Americans, will stay in the country after 2014 when the current NATO-led combat mission ends. Background Profile on Afghanistan. Parliament Election 2010.

One caused no injuries, but the second attack by a suicide bomber killed six or seven people, The Associated Press reported. President Barack Obama announced in May that there would be only 9,800 soldiers after December 31.

White House: Can no longer wait for BSA signing

Ghani has signaled a willingness to reverse that stance. Direct link 268p 4. Open in the app. Still, the global landscape in which the security agreement is finally taking hold is quite different from the one in which it was conceived more than a year ago.

Karzai, U.

latest news when afghan will sign bsa

Baku, Kabul set to sign 5 cooperation pacts. They were, he said, bad not just for the international community, but for the Afghan people. Ghani called on the Taliban to join peace talks. Here are five things to know about the accord signed on September 30. The US embassy in Kabul declined to comment on the status of the agreement.