Lobelia flower how to grow

Flowering Requirements for Lobelia

Spacing depends upon varieties, with miniature varieties spaced four to six inches apart. We recommend planting Lobelias in pots and containers indoors, then transplanting them outdoors. Lobelia University of Illinois Extension: Guide to Wine Country Green State: Annual varieties, which are more sensitive to light and heat, benefit from shearing when the masses of tiny blooms fade during the heat of summer.

While there are a couple hundred varieties of Lobelia, only a few varieties are commonly grown in the home garden. There are annual and perennial varieties of Lobelia.

lobelia flower how to grow

The traditional variety has electric blue or violet colored flowers, but newer varieties stretch the color range to pink and red, too. Dwarf lobelia blooms prolifically from late spring to the first frost in autumn.

How to grow lobelia from seed; an easy guide to growing lobelias

You can... In spring and fall lobelias grow well in full sun. Things You'll Need Digging implement. If the plant stops flowering or even dies back in mid summer, simply keep it well watered and fertilized.

Cut back plants after the early summer blush of flowers to promote more branching and flowering later in summer and fall. Gradually acclimatize the plants to outdoor conditions before planting them outside after all the risk of frost has passed in your area.

lobelia flower how to grow

Cannabis Culture Careers Advertising. Cardinal flower is suitable for growing in USDA zones 2 through 9. However, in summer the sun may be too strong for this plant and some shade will help keep it in bloom. Plants will thrive in moist to wet soil along creek beds and streams, or in natural wetlands. In a container, Lobelia can be grown more closely together.

If your soil pH is high, sulfur-based fertilizers containing substances like aluminum sulfate, elemental sulfur or iron sulfate can help bring the pH to the proper level. How to grow lobelia from seed; an easy guide to growing lobelias Author: Lobelia x gerardii is suitable for planting in U.

How to Grow: Lobelia

However, some varieties will grow three feet tall. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 6 through 8.

lobelia flower how to grow

Water the lobelia seeds always from the bottom, so the water will not disturb the small seeds. Plant Height: