Milkshake how to prepare

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Hai mam! In most cases, you're going to want to use vanilla ice cream. Related Articles.

milkshake how to prepare

Guy's Grocery Games 7pm 6c. You can also make it with vanilla ice cream, and add some chocolate syrup to it instead. If you wanted 31 different flavors in your milkshake, it could happen. Make a cookies-and-cream-flavored shake.

Milkshakes 3 Ways

Go for the dense ice cream over the extra-churned ice cream so you'll start out with less air. Privacy Policy Sign Up. In the meantime you can put the glass you'll be serving the milkshake in into the freezer to let it chill. Then it will be nice and chilled when you're ready to serve. This recipe makes 2 servings.

Vanilla Milkshake Recipe

More About This Recipe. You can also add some cookie crumbles, caramel sauce, etc. Prep Time 5 minutes.

milkshake how to prepare

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Chocolate Milkshakes

I forgot - I use all half and half to make the shake, sometimes with a little heavy whipping cream tossed in. Ice Cream: Aside from that, the blending process should take a minute or two.

And even had pictures.

milkshake how to prepare

It looks really good. I know, you're going ooooh, but you won't know it's there. Related Posts.

milkshake how to prepare

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