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He knows that his former teammate Rollins signed a minor-league deal with the White Sox last Feb. Top 75 in targets, though that isn't saying much, and is currently ranked 54th among RB. I don't remember much from the actual performance except at one point Greg looked at me with a huge smile while Steve was soloing, and I apparently screamed really loudly.

Ryan Howard is still hoping for one more shot at a World Series ring

Well, perhaps this gives some perspective to all of us who have been critical of R Howard or, more accurately, the fools in filly who gave him all that moolah.

One example, below, from Retrosheet. A new start never hurt anyone; maybe Howard and A-Rod get less abuse in a new town?

Bonus Qualities At this point in the season his numbers compared to last years: Latest News Doug Martin.

Giants minor leaguer gets mistaken for the other Ryan Howard

Top 35 in rush tds with 4 0. Uh, Carpenter contributed to a lot of that loss. The batter hits an apparent clean single to the outfield but is injured on his way to first. If he does that and maintains that 4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end O. I can't believe Domonic Brown is still playing minor-league baseball.

Bears DST He is putting up the kind of numbers the experts expected him to.

Injuries we're tracking from Sunday's Week 11 games

And then you have to answer questions about one of your teammates, which can become a distraction. Top 8 in sacks with 44 2. Rating Doug Martin 6. I kind of had a tough junior year and fell to the fifth round. And Mark and I both got drafted the same year 2001. The guy launched rocket shots. The Phillies never said that Howard was finished as a player.

Roob's 25 Random Points: Sidney Jones, Ryan Howard, Doug Pederson & More

Here's an interesting notion: That's just really hard to believe. Say what you want about Matthews, but only nine wide receivers in NFL history have more catches in their first three seasons. Look at it this way: Does he get to 1,000? Imagine this scenario: