Smash 4 directional influence how to

The problem with calling it DI, and saying it influences your trajectory, is that you can Vector parallel to the initial trajectory.

smash 4 directional influence how to

ASDI is usually triggered by this as well. And what are the effects this might have on combos? Renji64 Smash Lord Sep 17, 2014.

Learn How Directional Influence Works in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Click here to sign up right now and start on your path in the Smash community! The game now displays DI as a streak of blue light pointing along the character's final launch angle if no DI is applied, the indicator will not be shown. Forgot your username or password? It's an interesting change. Cancel reply.

Super Smash Bros.: Directional Influence

Before I explain that, though, I would like to explain the mechanic Directional Influence as it appeared in past Smash titles for those who are unaware. In most situations, angling towards the upper-left or upper-right corners will grant the greatest chance of surviving a high knockback attack. This means to be victorious on the mental battle that happens as both players slug it out.

I'm going to call it DI.

smash 4 directional influence how to

Topic Archived. TimeSmash said: If you get launched horizontally, then you input opposite direction.

Smash directional influence

Directional Influence. Search titles only.

smash 4 directional influence how to

Events Monthly Weekly Agenda Archive. You are hit by an Upsmash whose knockback value at your current percentage is 100.

smash 4 directional influence how to

Could just be different, could be bad. First, there is the horizontal directional influence, and then the vertical.

Vectoring: The replacement to Directional Influence in Smash 4

Thus, vectoring is what we should use unless Nintendo gives an official name. The narrower angle change provided by DI in Smash 4 , coupled with LSI's aforementioned effects, significantly reduce its effectiveness for escaping combos and surviving KO moves for longer, as less space is created between the victim and an attacker wishing to continue a combo, while DIing horizontal launchers at high angles to prevent edgeguards and center stage KOs now results in increased distance away from the stage and the resulting angle not being as vertical as before.

Kirby gets launched towards the left side.