Testament notarialny a prawo do zachowku

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Then the subject of disinheritance and its causes was outlined. The rights of people belonging to particular heir circles were characterized.

testament notarialny a prawo do zachowku

It also focuses on the responsibilities connected with the legitime which the subjects who are the beneficiaries of the record, the dilatory, or simply heirs have. This chapter puts some light on various forms of formulating a will. Furthermore, the legal problems connected with the statutory inheritance and the ways in which they can be resolved were also presented. The differences between the law to legitim and the claim to acquire a legitim were pointed out.

Zrzeczenie się prawa do zachowku

The order of acquiring the right to the legitim by authorized people was also included. The circle of heirs were identified and characterized. When it comes to the special wills, one can mention the oral will, created on the Polish sea or aircraft ship, and a military one.

testament notarialny a prawo do zachowku

The wills were divided into two groups: This allowes to understand better the basics, on which the right to legitim is granted. This is the second form of inheritance, which is present in the Polish inheritance law. The first chapter brings a more detailed look on the subject of statutory inheritance in the Polish inheritance law. Ordinary wills include such wills as: Thanks to the collected literature, and the numerous comments in the Civil Code, as well as judicial sentences, one can see a varied interpretation of the law regulations, and also find out which of them is correct.

testament notarialny a prawo do zachowku

The next chapter presents the subjects connected with the testamentary succession. The culmination of previous chapters brings more detail on the proper way of bringing an action in the case of the legitim. Identyfikator pracy APD: The fourth chapter presents the issues connected with the amount of the legitime and the factors which influence it.

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Careful interpretation of the law provides the basis to determine the legitimacy of the legitim institution in the Polish inheritance law. The order of the right to the inheritance was also determined. Legitim in polish inheritance law Justyna Beata Skwiot Abstract This work is devoted to discussing the problems of legitim institution in the light of the Polish inheritance law.

Powered by: The third part of this work is devoted to the legitim institution.