Waterborne tackifiers what is

Anaerobic Adhesives. Although they have lower adhesion than rubber based PSAs, acrylics have higher temperature stability and excellent UV resistance. In this method of application the use of solvent simply as a carrier to apply pressure sensitive resin to the substrate is eliminated. Thanks to their broad formulation versatility, adhesives based on acrylic emulsion technology are suitable for high performance packaging, construction, medical, and many other applications.

However, adhesive properties can also be adjusted to allow for early removal or for repositioning.

Water-based resins (water-based dispersions and water-soluble resin)

Waterborne adhesives. Contact Us. By selection of the monomer and polymerization conditions, a great many acrylic base polymers are available to the adhesive and sealant formulator.

waterborne tackifiers what is

Although these are outside of the scope of the present article, they have been well-defined and characterized in a recent SpecialChem article. Although tackifiers lower the modulus and provide a more flexible resin, they can often increase the Tg by reducing the rubber plateau.

Table 3 shows the results of adding a phosphate plasticizer to an acrylic PSA. These adhesives can be applied as a hot melt, but once on the substrate they act as a pressure sensitive adhesive.

waterborne tackifiers what is

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Commercial adhesives are generally offered in this range of molecular weight. Figure 1: The CAGR of 5. Pre-emulsified tackifying resins are available for waterborne systems. High Tg Provides adhesives stiffness high modulus Vinyl acrylate copolymers are polar, less expensive.

A wide variety of monomer blends are employed to meet the requirements of various applications. Most common due to lower VOCs, equivalent in performance to solvent borne.

Fillers can be used to extend the adhesive i.

waterborne tackifiers what is

Tackifiers are sometimes also used to lower the cost of the final adhesive and are typically used at concentrations of less than 30-40 percent by weight. Here a high degree of adhesion is necessary for difficult to bond substrates such as plastic film, bi-oriented polypropylene packaging tape, and the like. Accept Read Policy.

Waterborne adhesives

Acrylic PSAs are produced mainly from soft monomers that have a low glass transition temperature Tg and a high level of molecular entanglement. Structural thermosetting acrylic adhesives have also been developed. They are especially well suited for outdoor applications e.