What does dad mean on twitter

I weeded out tons like this, though:. Quite the conundrum, no?

what does dad mean on twitter

For shame, you so-called Beliebers. His Twitter daddies suffered in comparison, with only 28 eligible daddy tweets for the entire month!

what does dad mean on twitter

This new slang term seems to be gaining a lot of popularity, as BuzzFeed producer Keith Habersberger noticed that many people were referring to him as "dad" in the comments of his Instagram photos.

Have you ever had someone refer to you as "mom" or "dad" on social media? If you want to see the full range of reactions to people being called "mom" and "dad," watch the complete video below.

This definition is the original intended use for the term as described by Lorde.

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The trend confused Habersberger; he is not, in fact, a dad, and he had no idea why people suspected that he might be based on his photos. We all know that slang often takes on different meanings than their original ones, so you can probably imagine what happened when Habersberger took to the streets to see how your average human responded to "mom" and "dad.

what does dad mean on twitter

He is active on social-media channels and frequently posts pictures of himself. This usage is kind of sweet! Lorde apparently responded to it with a tweet using the catchphrase "mom" to refer to Kardashian's likeness. What gives? A real-life father of two. Regardless, he is most definitely fuckable.

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By Erin McKelle. Generally it seems that "mom" and "dad" haven't caught on enough yet to be used as a compliment without leaving people confused; however, when properly defined and explained in context, it makes others feel comfortable being given the compliment. Justin Bieber: It seems to work if you're the recipient, but might be weird to say as the endearment expresser.

The most important thing is that the word must be used in a positive context, and directed at the right person.

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Those on the streets of LA didn't seem to want to use it this way, but they accepted Habersberger referring to them as such. I guess eccentric, self-aggrandizing rants can only get you so far in the daddy arena. My money's on Obama.