What does nine pieces of eight meaning

what does nine pieces of eight meaning

Yes No. This page has been archived and is no longer updated. Do you prefer Tom Hanks in comedic or dramatic roles? Spain was commonly using an 8-real coin of very high quality in 1497.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Can someone explain the Nine Pieces of Eight?

At 09: Previous No. Pirates of the Caribbean merely nibbled on the insignificant fringes of this world. This is a fascinating edition to the series, just when did the mines come to an end. What actor has never received any Oscars but really deserves to and for which movie? The sea shanty Hoist the Colours was called forth by Hector Barbossa and sung at Fort Charles during Lord Cutler Beckett 's drive to eradicate piracy on the Seven Seas , and the coins reverberated with the song.

Do Americans always hyphenate with the country of origin?

Piece of eight (item)

Then the coins were cut out to an approximate size. One last thing — Look closely at the back of a Spanish eight-reales piece. Copyright Trustees of the British Museum The reverse of the coin.

The nine pieces of eight were burned as part of the incantation to release Calypso prior to the Pirate Lords' battle against the East India Trading Company. Answer Questions Horror movies to show a scaredy cat?

In fact, our idea of pirates is probably even more distorted than our idea of pieces of eight. Although Spanish gold is a byword for the riches of the Caribbean, Spain was also looting the Americas of vast quantities of silver.

Pieces of eight

Best Answer: Thus 8 reales equaled one ounce of silver and 8 escudos equaled approximately one ounce of gold. Complain about this comment. Hide image caption Show image caption.

what does nine pieces of eight meaning

The gold coins were known as escudos and also came in a several denominations with the largest of these coins, the 8 escudo, weighing approximately one ounce. Piracy is an ancient and deadly trade, bringing ruin and suffering to millions across the millennia of human history.

what does nine pieces of eight meaning