What does pre tip amount means

Dear Salty, when we are at a bar or restaurant and get the check, I always tip 20 percent on the pre-tax amount, while my wife always tips 20 percent on the post-tax amount.

If your bill says "pre-tip amt" there... - Aquariva

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what does pre tip amount means

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This simple tipping trick could save you over $400 a year

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what does pre tip amount means

Own or manage this property? Also, even in the old days before auto tipping or pre-paid tipping, folks would wait until the last night to tip. What does your not eating in the main dining room have to do with not tipping? It's easy! If not, would your waiter know that you have already pre-paid gratuity?

Tipping: The latest on how much to tip and for what

I one of those people who truly appreciates good service and at the same time, will offer my opinion if the service was sub par. Like once a week. If your bill says "pre-tip amt" there may be a gratuity already in the total. A taste test to determine the best supermarket frozen pizza.

what does pre tip amount means

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what does pre tip amount means

The only tips we give daily are for room service! Reviewed July 1, 2016 via mobile. Do you still tip with pre-paid gratuity? The bread was excellent and the butter and olive oil accompaniment was also excellent with the butter at room temperature and the olive oil infused with thyme.