What does umd only meant

Wow, you go to Dartmouth College?

what does umd only meant

I personally don't think a metal casing is a good idea. I have my PSP since launch day, and a couple games.

Don't know what in the world you guys are doing... Yeah, it comes with a UMD game. It needs both the mechanism for spinning the disc and the laser for reading it. I meant University of Maryland , Eastern Shore.

5 Reasons Sony's UMD Format Never Flourished

Look at GameBoy games, it's very easy to just blow the crap out of the cartridges, and to just wipe down on the DS cartridges... Guy 2: There is a good reason, after all, that every full-sized hook-it-up-to-your-TV console uses some form of a disc. G4s89 Follow Forum Posts: The simple psychological factors in the acceptance of UMDs can't be overlooked.

I do hope that for the next PSP what could actually improve? Sony was trying to be too radical, maybe, in using a disc instead of a cart. College Park?

UMD removed a STAT100 instructor a month before finals

See UMCP. While the discs themselves are pretty tough, just like their larger CD cousins, they are prone to scratching, and to prevent such scratching, to keep fingerprints to a minimum, and to make them easier to insert into a PSP the right way up, Sony encased UMDs in a plastic shell.

what does umd only meant

I dont use a case or put them in a case either: How much bigger would it have had to have been if it also used a UMD? Share Pin Email.

next psp to use only the umd disc and not the extra casing? umd cases breaking

Guy 1: Ironically, the universal media dik isn't even compatible internationally, let alone universally. Continue Reading. They're easy enough to put back together and secure with a little glue, but it wasn't confidence-inspiring.