What is barbie green ear

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Question About vintage Barbies with green ears from earrings

The first dolls were produced in Japan. There are also professional Restorationist who will remove green ear. And after a day I removed it and everything was ok.

If you are buying any of the following dolls, verify with the seller that they are the replacement dolls: If you are buying any dolls that wear a velvet like fabric, confirm that there has not been a color change.

what is barbie green ear

Vintage dolls may be missing plugs or had their bangs trimmed or the ponytail shortened. Then I found this website http: Thank you for your help.

In the 70's and 80's, look for Taiwan. Pinch the head to better see the neck connector prongs. Are there bite marks, holes, or other marks and discolorations? Barbara I have seen the new earrings start to cause a problem. Post to Cancel. Do you have any tips you would like to share? Watch for greasy faces on early 60's ponytails and bubble cuts. Anonymous I had good luck with CLR.

what is barbie green ear

Check to make sure the knees bend and click three times. I know many, many people who have modern dolls with green ear, and many of them now remove the earrings of every modern doll they buy.

Your email address will not be published. Check the eyes and lips for missing paint or obvious repaints. Dolls are still being made in China and Indonesia. There are many guides to determining the age of a doll but the easiest thing is to look at the country of origin.

How to Remove “Green Ear” from Vintage Barbie Dolls

Many pre-90's dolls had rubberbands used by the factory. For this reason, some collectors have swapped the original body for a safe body.

what is barbie green ear

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Price Guides - If you have older price guides, don't rely on them for accurate pricing. Denise asked: If the ear holes are big enough you can also run CLR soaked in plain dental floss through them if not leave it in for a few hours or days.