What is vso speed

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what is vso speed

VSO — Stall speed in landing configuration. However in my defense I don't know quite alot of things and it seems to get worse as I get older! For my first trip in a Sea Fury the young sub-lieutenant that briefed me said use 92 knots over the fence.

Why is Vr a better or correct 1G stall? As for the Buffalo accident, I have more than my fair share of knowledge about that one.

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The flaps are designed to be operated at this maximum speed. The snag with a multi-engined slender delta is that Vzrc is clearly thrust dependant. VF — Design flap speed.

what is vso speed

En route configuration. Can someone point me in the right direction about energy and the flare and arresting rate of descent? Unfortunately, the pilot has no way of measuring gust intensity. For some aircraft, depending on the certification basis, the stall speed may have been replaced by the minimum steady flight speed - which may be slightly different to the stall speed - no prizes for guessing in which direction.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the manufacturers consider their data to be confidential. I didn't know the 3 degree slope was in part chosen because of maingear limiting rates of descent in jets.

All of the airplanes which had been used in civil operation had, at the time these regulations were written, been designed to comply with a maximum landing speed requirement which had in no case exceeded 70 MPH where passengers were to be carried in the airplane.

what is vso speed

In practical terms, the manufacturer will recommend a speed for approach which gives satisfactory handling and takes into account the power available. In turbulent conditions you can go rapidly from stabilized approach to stick shaker or full stall instantly, in which case an approach using 1. The duration of the maneuver is sufficient for reasonable iterations in the closed loop control. VS1 — Stall speed or minimum steady flight speed in a specific configuration.

what is vso speed

At Boeing, these projects were the B314 and then the B307 Stratoliner. VSSE — Minimum safe single-engine speed multi.