Where are the abc islands

Aruba doesn't have beaches..

Visit The ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao)

The economy of ABC islands is directly influenced by the economy of Venezuela, which is one of the world's major oil-producing countries. More Deals.

where are the abc islands

Travel feed: Three specific Caribbean islands are known as the ABC islands: When you visit the ABC islands, there will be many reminders that these islands are part of the Netherlands. Hiking and mountain biking is very nice as well.

We visited Curacao many years before on a scuba diving trip.

where are the abc islands

Would be easier to fly between the islands I suppose if you stick to one airline. While the main city of Kralendijk has some very good restaurants and student chefs who train in Emilia-Romagna in Italy , Bonaire does not have the tourism infrastructure found on Aruba or the commercial power of Curacao, and it can only be reached by air, as there is no ferry service from the other islands or Venezuela.

It was Sunday and the town was pretty much shut down.

ABC Islands

When you visit you can expect sunshine and warmth. Hope you do decide to give Curacao a try... Just retired last July, so now the trips are getting longer...

where are the abc islands

Take a guided tour to learn more about The Butterfly Farm and the different things they do there. Even the MacDonalds was closed. Many casinos, nightlife and its very American orientated and it has the best connections with the USA.

where are the abc islands

See all. We arrived early as the sun rose. Experienced birders can wander the area in search of the various species that call this piece of paradise home.

Which of the ABC islands is the best to stay on? - Curacao Forum

And then the bridge started to move. But on this trip we really liked the more laid-back vibe on Bonaire. And a pedestrian bridge on pontoons that swung to let boats in and out. Knowing little about Curacao we made our decision based solely on a place we could burn some American Airlines miles and Marriott Rewards points. When looking to book Insel Air, be aware they only fly to-from Charlotte on Saturdays. I wish we had snorkelled or scuba dived in Bali.

We were definitely going to head underwater in Bonaire.

What Are the ABC Islands?

You can unsubscribe at any time. This was the first protected nature reserve in the Dutch Caribbean. The poor visibility in Aruba was a warning.