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This classic pattern is a favorite for tarpon fishers all over the world. Everyone knows that members of the croaker or drum family love crabs. CWe'll be also making several announcements at the meeting, so come join us.

There is a good launching and pickup point. We're scheduled to meet at 6: Hope to see everyone there.

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We may be doing even better. The Web's Premier Destination for Free. The caster will leave with tips to improve their backcast on their own or preferably with the help of a casting partner. Thanks and hope to see you. Let's make this event one to remember!

Jack gave me the name of the fly, but I lost his e-mail. If you get lost call Clint at 279-8632. Larry Haines has offered his place for fly tying this month.

Let Stanley Woelfel Stanley alazanhotels. The video is included on this website.

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If that fly is lost it may be replaced with an identical one i. Hey Irelia Mains! Additionally indicate whether you have a four wheel drive vehicle and have room for someone to ride with you or if you will need to ride with one of the other four wheel drive vehicles going.

Class size limited—pre-registration is required. If any one else wants to teach us one of their favorite flies, let me know. This months fly is one to toss in to a feeding frenzy and hold on to the jolt that will soon follow.