Who produces more wine please

One of the key grape varieties is Chardonnay , which is grown most successfully in the Central Valley in California. Share article via.

Can You Guess The Top 10 Wine Producing Regions of the World? Part 1

It is used to make the widely-produced, sweet and fruity rose, often known as White Zinfandel. The altitude provides the perfect conditions for growing grapes, with low rainfall and controlled temperatures. Perhaps unsurprisingly, France takes the top position.

who produces more wine please

The most important aspect of wine-making in Argentina is the Andes mountain range. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Did you know that there are vineyards in all 50 states of the United States?

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Coming in 5th place, Argentina has a thriving domestic market and is growing in signficance internationally too. It is characterised by delicate, citrus fruit flavours and a crisp minerality. There are many key wine regions in France.

Another key variety is Chardonnay, which takes glorious form in Chablis, Burgundy.

Newer styles tend to be smooth with soft tannins and lots of primary fruit character. Malbec is the most-planted grape variety.

who produces more wine please

Napa Valley , the most famous region in California is well known its Cabernet Sauvignon. Pinot Grigio is produced in Trentino in north east Italy.

who produces more wine please

Further up the coast, Oregon and Washington State are best known for Pinot Noir , which thrives in the cooler climate. It was a favourite drink of Roman emperors and remains a spectacular source for wine to this day. Did you get them right? Often seen as the birthplace of modern winemaking, the French have been cultivating their craft for centuries. These fabulous and pricey wines used to fall out of the boundaries of strict regulations but the quality was so good that they found worldwide fame.

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who produces more wine please