Who still develops 110 film

The results are just what I have been looking for. Just head over to your usual lab.

who still develops 110 film

My 110's not as sharp as other cameras, but that's not the point, is it? The only 110 film that we get in that comes out consistantly well in color is "Kodak Gold" not "Kodacolor Gold" generation 6 look for a single digit "6" on the cassette. The battery shell houses conventional hearing-aid cells. They had to send it away somewhere, and it took a week or more, but it seemed to be routine as usual for them.

Need to develop an old roll of film? We can help.

This is a high contrast color process designed for the aerial film industry... I scanned the prints and tweaked the black levels. Order Form.

who still develops 110 film

Please login to like. Four of our favorite photographers beautifully captured some portraits using the Lomogon Art Lens.

who still develops 110 film

Kodak Laboratories Directory. Read more about developing your films through the LomoLab. No post saturation was done on this.

Who still processes 110 film?

I had to overcome the sprocket hole issues on my Kodak Pocket Instamatic 60. They even scan disk film how cool is that? And if you put your email address on the order form, they'll send you an email when they ship your pictures. Where Can I Develop 35mm Film?

Developing your film

I would recommend you try them out. Color Lab Pac Lab.

who still develops 110 film

I used to project Kodachrome slides on a 50x50-inch matte screen. If they do, they probably process 110mm. This is the send out box.

Where Can I Get 110 Film Developed?

The cartidges, with notch to avoid lever camera uses to determin if film is in camera. They consider 110 film to be custom work now and charge that way.

Given BisonPhoto. The problem is the scans are also that way. Let your loved one pick the gift of their dreams. Ted, I really don't think the reply you got from Kodak is true.