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I think the Unions are aware of this but in this case, they seem to be blinkered to the fact that customers have genuine choice now and will exercise that choice in an instant. Thatcher has gone, whilst the unions within BA and RM are still here. This points to Google Wallet becoming a bank-like service like PayPal where you store money and send it to others. I also run my own small company and the methods I use in my "main" job I also use with my business as that's "my" money.

Government taxation pays for government services.

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The Royal Mail, on the other hand, I'd miss! So, unbeknownst to my good self, subconciously I was on RLs side all along. That's the way the system has evolved. Think you've found the solution... The High Street chains Currys and PC World face embarrassment after staff were caught posting abusive and offensive comments in an online forum.

bitterwallet dsgi know how tours

Everyone else can go hang. About The Club Cycling Southern California since 1945, the Los Angeles Wheelmen is a club for cyclists who want to ride faster and farther and with less effort or to enjoy more rides at their chosen level with their cycling friends. If the ballot said do you want to go on strike between 22nd of Dec and Jan 3rd or whatever and completely screw over hundreds of thousands of peoples festive season, I bet the count would have been much lower.

Meh, it's a hobby. BA has outlived its usefulness to everyone except some probably desperate shareholders.

bitterwallet dsgi know how tours

The public will quite rightly judge them and act accordingly. It is a job that anyone without some limiting condition could do easily. Bought a camera a week ago from Currys and have opened it,, and there policy says that if its open then you have one week to get a refund.

Currys and PC World staff to be investigated after abusing customers on Facebook

Pilots are treated like gods - so how bad do industrial relations between the employer and your top front line staff have to be to reach this point, how big does the 30 pieces of silver need to be to get them back onside and what does it say about the reationship with the rest of your staff? LEAs etc are another matter! FFS, when will unions wake up?

bitterwallet dsgi know how tours